The following is Celestina’s Terms of Service for personal, non-commercial work.  I do not accept commercial work at this time, but will in the future.

“Client” refers to the person who has sent payment. Where there are multiple character owners per image, but only one payee, all rights defined in the “Commissioner/Client” section apply to each character owner when applicable.

How to Contact Me

The best way to contact me about the status of your art is via email (, or via FurAffinity note. I respond within 24 – 48 hours.

As the Artist

I reserve all rights granted unto me by US Copyright law and the Moral Right to my work regardless of the characters depicted.

  • This includes the right to redistribution on any site that I choose or as an advertisement for my services.  I politely decline any requests to remove work from my gallery for any reason.
  • I do not sell prints of my commission work.

I do not do private commissions (where I do not post the finished work) unless a client buys out the rights at 5x the commission cost. I will delay posting for special events for free.

I reserve the right to cancel at any time. 

As the Commissioner/ Client

The client may repost the art at will with due credit to me on any site that they choose.

I do not take claim of your characters.

May not use the art to advertise paid services or any other form of monetary gain, including Patreon.  This is considered a commercial project, and unauthorized use will be DMCA’d without notice.

May not pay, trade services, or barter with another artist to edit the piece in any manner without my written consent. This includes animation services. 

  • You may edit the art yourself as practice, but edits must be clearly labeled.

May request your commission as “Do Not Post” on third party sites where I am not the original poster.  (E621 for example)
 I grant clients rights to issue takedown requests against third parties, whose characters are not depicted in the image.

You will receive the high resolution version of your image via Dropbox link.  I will not send unflattened CLIP or PSD files.  If you need to make a print for personal use please let me know in advance so I can work in the appropriate size.

What I Will Not Draw

Bodily functions (scat, watersports, farting), incest, any character that is titled “futa”/”shemale”/”dickgirl”, “altersex” or any other fetish oriented character that fits in the “futa” category**, minors or cubs in sexual or gore situations, hate or political art. I will not depict Nazi imagery.  I reserve the right to decline any prompt for any reason.

** Trans characters are always welcome as they are not fetish material.  I will be happy to illustrate your version of you!


All commissions are subject to a 8.25% Sales Tax as required in the state of Texas.

I strongly prefer Invoices to other modes of payment.

Payment for “sketch commissions” and “icons” are due in full up front.  Larger projects may be done in payment plans.

Edits/ Fixes/ Changes / WIP delivery

How many edits, what working phases, and the WIP policy are available on individual sales posts.  However, for future reference the following policies apply:

Sketch Commissions, Icons, and “Wing-its” are no WIP, edits are only done for major artist error, and color edits are always free.  I will not do edits for items that were forgotten by the client.  Please have all relevant information ready prior to sending me your commission information.

Full Colors and Comic Pages have the following working phases:
Thumbnails – Establishing composition and character poses.  The client must approve before the commission continues.
Sketches – Refining your character and details to be ready for inking.  The client must approve before the commission continues.  After this phase there are no more changes allowed to the base sketch.  There will be three editing sessions.  Please have a comprehensive list ready.
Lines –  Linework.  The client must approve before the commission continues.  Minor three editing sessions are allowed, but may not be composition related.
Color/ Shading/ Final –  Color changes may be requested at this point.  Any changes that aren’t color related and are not artist error will incur a $5 editing fee.

Cancellation/ Refunds

You may cancel at any time for any reason.  A refund for work not done will be issued only via the original Paypal transaction.  The amount will be determined by the completion level of the commission, rounded down.  For example if you contact me, and I am working on linework you will be refunded for only the sketch being completed.
Thumbnail (for full colors only): 100%
Presketch/ Sketch – 75%
Linework – 50%
Color – 25%
Completion – 0%

Completion will be indicated by my queue. I am responsible for keeping my queue up to date.

Once work has been completed, there are no refunds.

If I cancel the client will receive a full refund and has no rights to the image.  The art will be repurposed at my discretion.


A commission is considered “abandoned” if a client fails to:
Pay the invoice in 5 days of delivery.  Your commission will be canceled.  Clients who abandon their commission in this manner numerous times may be blacklisted.

If the client goes without communication for longer than 2 weeks.  I will cancel your commission and issue a full refund.

I answer emails within 24 – 48 hours.  If I am unresponsive please choose an alternate mode of contact in the event your email is going to spam.  If all my other social media accounts are silent for a lengthy period of time (weeks to months), then it is safe to assume that something very unfortunate has happened.  Please file a Paypal claim to get your money back.

Information Storage

I utilize invoices via Paypal to facilitate tax records for my state.  This means that I will have access to what information you’ve provided to Paypal regardless if I need it.  This information is sent to an email that is not my primary email, and is locked via two factor authentication.  I clear out my email at the end of our commission, and do not share nor store your personal information.

Adoptable Terms of Service

 I retain all rights to the art depicting the character as stated in line 1 of “As the Artist”.
 Clients may resell or trade adoptables I’ve made freely.  Please credit me when exchanging ownership.