Sketch Commissions

First character is $45 USD.
Second character is +$25 USD
Full background is +$25 USD
Complexity fee/ Prop fee + $10 USD
‚ÄčAll sales are subject to a 8.25% sales tax as required in the state of Texas.

Three characters maximum. Anything more than three characters are taken on a negotiation basis, and may be charged at full price per extra character.

Sketch commissions are no WIP deals and are not meant to be fully rendered images.

I will always do color changes at no charge.

Changes are only done to correct major artist error, or errors in interpreting your references. “Tweaking” an image is not permitted without an editing fee of $5 USD per item edited.

Character Designs

Character designs are made based on text descriptions,
or via “egg adoptables”.

Egg adoptables:  $35 USD – $45 USD

Completely new design from text description from client:  $50 USD